best lgbtq shows you can watch right now netflix

Best LGBTQ shows you can watch right now!

27 Aug 2019 by Axel Hotels

Representation for LGBTQ people in television has never been better. Here are the best LGBTQ shows streaming now on TV, Netflix, and other platforms. From Axel Hotels, we’ve rounded up the best must-watch LGBTQ-inclusive shows that you can watch right now. Best LGBTQ shows for you Queer Eye This not your everyday makeover show picks […]

Representation for LGBTQ people in television has never been better. Here are the best LGBTQ shows streaming now on TV, Netflix, and other platforms. From Axel Hotels, we’ve rounded up the best must-watch LGBTQ-inclusive shows that you can watch right now.

Best LGBTQ shows for you

Queer Eye

best lgbtq shows queer eye

This not your everyday makeover show picks up from where the original left off in 2007 with a brand new Fab Five.  Jonathon (grooming), Tan (fashion), Bobby (design), Antoni (food & wine), and Karamo (culture) all pile up in their van and travel through different parts of Atlanta revamping the life of one lucky person nominated by a friend or a family member.

They of course give the person a shiny new hairstyle, brand new clothing, and a newly decorated part of their house, but the most important thing is they make sure they also learn how to shine bright from the inside. 

Considering the show takes place in the South they often encounter the usual stereotypes members of the LGBTIQ+ community face, giving them an opportunity to shed light on what it means to be part of this community in the current day and age. 

Get your tissues ready because each episode is filled with inspiring and uplifting moments that will help you remember that people are good regardless of their backstory and previous misconceptions.


best lgbtq shows pose

Although Madonna is often credited with introducing voguing as a sweeping phenomenon in dance, the underground balls of the 1980´s were the real birthplace of this still popular move.

Members of the LGBTIQ+ community form houses with a matriarch and/or patriarch in charge, taking in and raising those lost ¨children¨ who find themselves in a situation in which they have to or choose to leave their own homes. 

Each house then performs competitively wearing fantastical costumes while voguing and serving for all to see.  Ryan Murphy´s Pose (creator of shows like Glee and American Horror Story) also sheds light on the marginalized status of the trans community during the height of the AIDS crisis in the late 1980´s injecting some necessary levity using the ballrooms as a backdrop. This is one of the best LGBTQ shows in 2019 you can watch now! 

RuPaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race – Photo by Romper

Follow along as RuPaul searches for America´s next drag queen chomping at the bit to light up the stage and become a big star.  RuPaul´s Drag Race has a cult following and for good reason. 

In this reality competition show a fiery group of drag queens is faced with a maxi challenge each week testing the skills every drag queen star should have in her arsenal.  Then the ladies strut their stuff in a runway presentation reminiscent of the ballrooms of the 80´s with campy categories like White Party Realness and Latex Extravaganza. 

The ladies better pull out the stops or it can be a bloodbath during the critique by RuPaul and her fellow judges.  Whoever the judges deem as the bottom two lip sync for their life doing everything in their power including death drops and air splits to make sure they don´t hear RuPaul say those fateful words ¨Now sashay away¨. This show is pure, unadulterated, entertainment with a sprinkling of heartfelt life lessons like this gem: “if you can´t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else”.

Grace and Frankie

best lgbtq shows grace and frankie
Grace And Frankie – Photo by Indiewire

This Netflix show explores the budding friendship of two women who find themselves husbandless in their 70´s when their partners decide to finally come out as a couple after concealing their 20-year long affair. 

Although Grace (played by Jane Fonda) and Frankie (played by Lily Tomlin) hate each other at first, they grow to understand and care for each other despite the drastic differences in their personalities and personas.  Parallelly, Robert and Sol (played by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston respectively) discover the ins and outs of being a real official couple, maneuvering all of the relationship bombs they were able to avoid while they were married. 

Everyone in their lives has to adjust along with Grace and Frankie, including their adult children, resulting in moments of hilarity and reflection because everyone in the end deserves to pursue true happiness regardless of age.


Trinkets – Photo by La Prensa Peru

Unlike the usual coming-of-age show, Trinkets (based on the novel by Kristen Smith with the same name) follows the unlikely friendship of three teenage girls that meet in Shoplifter´s Anonymous. 

If it weren´t for this unusual bond the three girls wouldn´t have too much in common as they run in different circles in their high school, but they eventually find themselves leaning on each other to find strength navigating through the trials and tribulations of growing up. 

The plot explores the importance of female friendship while the main character, Elodie, comes to terms with the death of her mother.  Elodie also happens to be a lesbian embarking on her first relationships, and the show explores what it looks like for a young girl in her teens to come to terms with her sexuality and everything that entails. 

Trinkets is a refreshing take on the high school drama full of the necessary quirks to differentiate itself and be relatable to a wide array of audiences. It deserves to be part of this best LGBTQ shows list!

Best LGBTQ shows: Sex Education

best lgbtq shows sex education

Sex Education is a not your everyday teenage angst comedy that follows main character Otis as he sets out to serve as the school´s sex and relationship psychologist. 

It pays off to have a mother (played by Gillian Anderson from the X-files) who is an actual sex expert as Otis follows in her footsteps giving advice in all things to do with love and romance to his classmates even though he lacks real life experience in both realms. With the help of the school´s badass, Meave, Otis connects to his peers, using his awkward brand of charm, while they struggle through the strife of puberty and look to solve the problems they encounter in their relationships (he even helps a lesbian couple). 

It´s hard not to fall in love with the characters, especially Otis´ best friend Eric who is unapologetically gay and proud.  If you want to learn how to give oral sex on a banana or slay wearing a quilted jumpsuit, make sure you tune in.


best lgbtq shows bonding

What do you get when a dominatrix and a shy gay man strike up a working relationship? One of Netflix´s new shows, Bonding. 

The show begins when grad school student Tiff convinces her gay best friend from high school, Pete, to act as her assistant.  Even though Pete is reluctant at first, he can´t pass up on the opportunity to earn some extra money as he pursues his dreams of being a comedian. 

Bonding portrays the ins and outs of sexual identity from a more unconventional standpoint, just going to show that sex, in all its forms and iterations, doesn´t have to be something that´s whispered about. 

Euphoria – Best LGBTQ shows

best lgbtq shows euphoria

Not only does this show explore some of the issues facing the LGBTIQ+ community, one of the main characters is played by the 20-year-old actress, Hunter Schafer, an out and proud transfeminine and queer person.

Somewhat like a modern-day Skins, Euphoria delves into the world of sex and drugs that teenagers can easily get involved in.  The main character Rue, played by Zendaya, falls victim to the firm grasp of addiction from a young age. 

Coming off a stint in rehab, she has a bleak outlook on life until she meets Jules, played by Hunter Schafer, when her life is given a new sense of purpose.  This bingeworthy drama gives the viewer a look behind the curtain of the fluidity of sexuality enabling the lines of friendship to begin to blur.


best lgbtq shows shrill

Having debuted on Hulu just this past year, Shrill is in an adaptation of the memoir by Lindy West that follows a woman who takes action to change her life. 

Main character Annie Easton (played by Aidy Bryant from Saturday Night Live) is fighting to make her mark as a journalist at the paper she works at in spite of her stifling boss constantly giving her attitude.  She finally starts to make waves at work, and on the internet, as she promotes body positivity as a heavy girl. 

Watch Annie stumble through her love life in the most charming and quirky fashion, often ignoring the sage advice of her lesbian best friend Fran.  Shrill is a breath of fresh, showing a girl who wants to make impactful changes in her life without that including going on a restrictive diet plan to try to change on the outside. 

Gentleman Jack

best lgbtq shows gentleman jack

Based on a true story told through the diaries of the main character, Gentleman Jack tells the tale of Anne Lister who is now affectionately known as the first modern lesbian. 

Set in Halifax in 1832, Anne returns to her childhood home Shibden Hall after inheriting it from her uncle.  Not only does she brazenly collect the rents on her new estate, she also enters the coal industry (a sector dominated by men) looking to restore Shibden Hall to its former glory. 

Whispers of her sexual preference are uttered underneath the breath of the majority of the people in the town, but that doesn’t seem to bother her as she fights on her own to break down the glass ceiling during a time in which woman miss out on many opportunities afforded to men such as voting and attending school. 

It’s not all business for Anne as she pursues shy and innocent Ann Walker.  Gentleman Jack illuminates the injustices of the time period, highlighting the strength it can sometimes take to be true to yourself.