Gay Guide to Madrid in 2 days: Neighborhoods, Bars, Parties, and everything you just can´t miss

31 May 2019 by Axel Hotels

Planning a trip to the Spanish capital? This Gay Guide to Madrid in 2 days will give you the chance to see the most important aspects of the city without having to abandon the LGBTIQ+ atmosphere.  Fantastic, no? Discover the neighborhoods, bars, parties, clubs, and all that is directed towards the LGBTIQ+ community in one […]

Planning a trip to the Spanish capital? This Gay Guide to Madrid in 2 days will give you the chance to see the most important aspects of the city without having to abandon the LGBTIQ+ atmosphere.  Fantastic, no?

Discover the neighborhoods, bars, parties, clubs, and all that is directed towards the LGBTIQ+ community in one of the most inclusive cities that has tons to offer for the enjoyment of the collective.

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Madrid’s Gran Via at night

In the following gay guide Madrid, you will find super mega plans for two days so that you can take selfies in every important nook and cranny of the capital, take a stroll through Madrid´s top gay neighborhoods, and party until you drop.

First off, we´ll explain a tourist route throughout the city of Madrid designed to include the most important sites in the capital.  Later, we´ll detail a list of Madrid´s gay neighborhoods, the parties you can´t miss, and the LGBTIQ+ areas you should visit… are you ready? Let´s do it!

Gay Guide Madrid: Transportation and Lodging

Your adventure most likely will begin at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.  Also known as Madrid-Barajas, the airport is located around 12 kilometers outside of the city center but is well connected to the city.

There are four terminals in the airport.  Terminals one, two, and three are connected, but terminal four is in a separate building.  The good thing is that there is a metro line that connects the airport to the center of the city.  This metro line, line 8, connects the Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid) with all the airport terminals.

Once you´re in Madrid, all you´ll have to do is head to your place of lodging to leave your luggage and start enjoying the city.  If you stay at Axel Hotel Madrid  you´ll be super close to the best parties and gay neighborhoods, so if you´re looking for good prices, good vibes, and an hotel with style… you already know where you can find one!

Day 1 in Madrid

In the morning: The Prado Museum and Retiro Park

Start your route through Madrid with a visit to one of the most famous museums in the world: The Prado Museum. It´s always good to enjoy art, and here you´ll find some extraordinary collections.  A relaxed visit in the museum is the perfect way to begin the day and get to know a cultural icon of the capital.

When you finish the visit, take a stroll through the relaxing Retiro Park, which is very close to the museum.  It is the most famous of all the many beautiful green spaces in Madrid, with its sprawling grasses and trees and even a lake where you will see many couples and families rowing small boats.

Resultado de imagen de parque del retiro madrid
Madrid’s Retiro Park. Source: Guías Viajar.

It´s a tradition to rent a rowboat and row around the lake.  If you travel with your partner, it´s an ideal romantic plan that will allow you to enjoy the harmony of Madrid. 

In the afternoon: The Market and La Latina Neighborhood

Eating like a local is possible when you have one of the most colorful local markets of Madrid at your beck and call.  In fact, you often can find the best restaurants in the city hidden throughout the markets. 

If you´re coming from the Retiro Park, head towards the Mercado de Antón Martín (Calle de Santa Isabel, 5), where you can enjoy all kinds of cuisines in one of the many small cafés where you can have a tasting menu or even a full menu.  Remember that the calamari sandwich (bocadillo de calamares) is a traditional dish in Madrid.  Don´t miss your chance to try it! 

Resultado de imagen de barrio la latina
La Latina’s Neighborhood.- Source: Madridando

From there, if you walk a bit to the west you´ll stumble upon the La Latina neighborhood, an historic neighborhood in the center of the city.

This authentic quaint corner of Madrid is especially famous for its hidden plazas.  The center of Madrid is a labyrinth of streets, through which to lose yourself, serving as one of the most charming characteristics of the La Latina neighborhood.  Enjoy its buildings, plazas, and of course its terraces, where you can have some tapas and a beer watching the sunset. 

Gay Guide Madrid: Day 2

In the morning: The Palacio Real and The Almudena Cathedral

A new day begins! We´re going to kick things off in style.  After breakfast and recharging your batteries, head towards the majestic Palacio Real (Calle de Bailén, s/n) and take in this Regal building.  You should know that the Spanish Royal Family doesn´t live in the palace.  In its stead, it´s used for important ceremonies.  

If you like to go on tours of royal palaces and discover the hidden gems and the history of these buildings, there are guided tours available to learn about the history of the Palacio Real.

Real, Palacio, Madrid, Arquitectura, Puesta De Sol
Madrid’s Palacio Real.- Source: Pixabay

Right next to the Palacio Real you´ll find the impressive Cathedral la Almudena (Calle de Bailén, 10), a building that has undergone construction for more than 100 years until it was finally considered finished in 1993. 

In the afternoon: Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, and Chueca

Begin your day in the most emblematic plaza in Madrid: La Plaza Mayor; the historic plaza that´s over 400 years old. It´s always full of artists and tourists admiring the symmetrical facades of its idealistic architecture.

There are different options for something to eat or to have a coffee, however, keep in mind that the average price here is higher than the other touristy neighborhoods of Madrid.  When you finish your walk through Plaza Mayor, walk down Calle Mayor until you reach Puerta del Sol.  It is the central plaza of Madrid where the countdown to the New Year is brought in each year.  

Resultado de imagen de puerta del sol madrid
Madrid’s La Puerta del Sol.- Source 101viajes

It is also where you´ll find the geographic center of all of Spain, known as «Kilómetro 0» (Kilometer 0).  A starting point from which the main highways of the country begin representing a point of equidistance to the north, the south, the east, and the west of Spain.  

Private LGBTIQ+ tours in Madrid

If you´re looking for a different kind of tourist activity linked to the LGBTIQ + community, the private tours that Rainbow Gay Tours offer are your best bet. 

Up to this point it may be that your ideal plan is to discover Madrid from a more practical and intimate standpoint as you learn about the culture and LGBTIQ+ movement in the Spanish capital. 

The evolution of queer culture in Madrid is extremely impactful and rule-breaking, so you can discover how it came to be the referential capital for the community on these specialized private tours.  Lifestyle, meeting points, nightlife, and the best informed and empathetic guides will be at your disposal to make your stay in Madrid unforgettable.  

Gay Guide Madrid: The best Gay neighborhoods in Madrid

Madrid is an openminded, diverse, feminist, and inclusive city.  In it you will find many social and cultural contrasts, which manifests itself in its many districts, customs, and of course, its gay neighborhoods. 

There are several different gay neighborhoods in Madrid.  In the last few years, Chueca has lost its exclusive title as the neighborhood for the LGBTIQ+ community in the capital and has now extended to other areas of the city

So, let´s go over the major gay neighborhoods in Madrid one by one so there´s no doubts as to what you can find in each one of them.  And if you have time, visit all of them because on each street you´ll find something beautiful that will be worth the visit. 

Chueca: the biggest gay neighborhood in Spain

Chueca has been the oficial gay neighborhood of Madrid for a long time.  It is located in the center of the city where you´ll find the largest concentration of bars, clubs, restaurants, cafés, saunas, and gay stores.

Resultado de imagen de metro chueca
Chueca Metro Stop.- Source: Shangay

In the 80´s, this is where you could find the first locales dedicated to the LGBTIQ+ collective in Madrid (the Café Figueroa, Black & White, Sachas, among others).  It gradually stopped being a marginal area and became more cosmopolitan, open, and diverse transforming into a meeting point amongst locals and international members of the collective (it is where Madrid´s Pride Parade takes place, after all).  

If you really enjoy walking through lively and vibrant neighborhoods with a ton of gay night life options, Chueca is your best bet.  

Malasaña: New LGBTIQ+ area

Just to the west of Chueca and bordered by the popular shopping street Calle Fuencarral, you will find Malasaña, known as the neighborhood for the «hipster gays» amongst the locals.

Imagen relacionada
One of the streets in Malasaña: Source: Esto Es Malasaña

In Malasaña you will find a lot of diversity and it is currently one of the neighborhoods in highest demand in Madrid.  This neighborhood is still full of LGBTIQ+ residents but they are mixed in with people of all stripes and colors, which contributes a more diverse vibe. 

Sprinkled amongst the residents, all kinds of stores pop up giving life to the neighborhood.  Its proximity to the main streets and parties in Chueca have made it a reference point for the residents of Madrid.

La Latina: lift off of a millenial neighborhood

La Latina is one of the neighborhoods in Madrid that is undergoing the most drastic transformation.  It has always been the area with the highest number of migrant residents, but now you´ll find all kinds of people: another sign for the push for diversity and plurality.

Resultado de imagen de la latina
La Latina Market.- Source: Madrid Secreto

In the La Latina neighborhood is where you´ll find the best selection of tapas in the whole world, the most diverse nightlife options, and of course el Rastro on Sunday, the biggest weekly market in Spain where you can find all kinds of new and second-hand treasures. 

The best parties in Gay Madrid

Churros con Chocolate

This fun party has two peculiarities: it´s on Sunday and it´s organized once a month in Madrid and in Barcelona.

It´s a monthly partly that normally has two music halls: one with the hits and lots of cheesy music and the other with electronic to dance to until there´s no tomorrow, the last day of the weekend. 

If you´re lucky enough to be in Madrid on a Sunday to celebrate, don´t think twice about going because fun is guaranteed.  And by the way, they actually give away free churros with hot chocolate!

You can find more information about it on Facebook on this link.  

Marta Cariño and Baila Cariño

Firstly, Marta Cariño is a modern and cosmopolitan nightlife space for queer Madrid. There you can have a nice after-work moment in the afternoon or even have your first couple of drinks there in the evening.  

If you want to keep the party going you can go to the famous celebration Baila, Cariño.  It´s a weekly party every Saturday with the best vibes and taking advantage of the latest trends.  Count on finding different dance halls where you can listen to the newest house music, 80´s or 90´s music, and the best current pop and mainstream music.

You can find more information about it on Facebook on this link.  

Delirio Live

This hall of exhibts/club is very well known amongst the LGBTIQ+ community in Madrid for being a great meeting up point for fun, euphoria, art, and enjoyment.   

They organize cabaret shows, drag shows, evenings for all kinds of preferences, as well as ample halls, all kinds of music, and even a more chill area with comfy chairs for those who attend.  

You can find more information about it on Facebook on this link.  

Here you go… the most complete Madrid Gay Guide you´ll find! We´ll be updating the information as we find out about new parties or shows.  If you have any suggestion or comment, don´t think twice about getting in touch with us so that we can keep offering the best LGBTIQ+ guide to Madrid.